Is a matter close to the heart.

An idea that stuck. And a typical ’schönES Ding” story.

A conversation. A little time. An unexpected result.

You can find the whole story below. The best part about it is that 


Over the years, ’schönES Ding” has initiated and supported a number of fundraisers.

This time, we are supporting UNFUCK THE WORLD, making this world a little better. 

For each board sold, we donate 15€ to Unfuck The World’s L.A. based non-profit, A Million Drops. You may ask: “Why do you want to support people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles?!” 

The answer is simple: "Why not. It doesn’t matter where. The most important part is that we do whatever we can. Being homeless hurts. Anywhere in the world."


The board becomes your mantra, your daily reminder as you leave the house to go out there and Unfuck The World. Everywhere. All the time.

15€ from each sale go to A Million Drops, providing support to young homeless people.

3 cm thick oak plank.

Incl. wall mount and 5 keychains.


69,50 €.

plus Shipping & Handling (free S & H to Germany)


69,50 €

  • 1,5 kg
  • Leider schon wech.


A few days after the “Viertelmeile” Designmarkt on Hamburg’s famous Spielbudenplatz, I received a text message:

“Hi, this is Maike. I saw your boards at the Viertelmeile the other day, and I think they’re super cool!”

“That’s great to hear, thank you! What can I do for you?”

“Nothing, really. I am back home in Los Angles now, and I just wanted to give you my feedback.” - “…”  

Huh, WHAT?!


We emailed back and forth for a while. I told Maike that I create the boards just for fun, and she introduced me to A Million Drops, her passion project, that is probably more essential than my key racks.

Born and raised in Northern Germany, Maike moved to Los Angeles in the 90s, and in 2013 she founded her non-profit to provide support to young adults experiencing homelessness, sadly a huge problem in a city that is famous for Hollywood stars, wealth and glamour.

She also send me the link to another passion project of hers, UNFUCK THE WORLD.

Please check it out. I think it’s simply amazing!

Honestly. Unfuck The World. The life motto I had subconsciously been searching for.

Since 2006, the proceeds from Unfuck The World merch sales go to charities.

I love it! I don’t mind paying the expensive postage for orders from the USA to Germany, and by now, I own pretty much everything, Unfuck The World hoodies, t-shirts, beanies...